A-ah Just a simple Drawstring Backpack with a Zürich Twist (with Tutorial!)

I’ve made a prototype of a drawstring backpack. It has been ages that Antje and I were speaking about making one of them… It is a kind of symbol of our first Zürich crafty group that we made up some years ago. We never really did it. It was in the period that we liked to “chat” about craftiness instead of really doing it. ;-P

But I wanted to give it a try. And to be honest I gave a couple of try before to arrive to a good result… And here I made a small tutorial for you!

Processed with Moldivtutorial drawstring backpack AleSometimes, at least for me it is easier to visualize the procedure instead to write it down. But if you have some questions, please let me know!

We have always thought that this kind of backpack is very Zürich style: chic and hip! Both children and adults wear one of those and it is sold in every shape and colors. It is kind of easy to make it and I think it will be one of my spring market projects.

2014-10-14 08.44.01 2014-10-14 08.47.13And the puzzle of Zürich is there on the table waiting for somebody to help us!

I also think that some monsters are watching us here in the apartment…

monster iphone caseShould we be worried?




Handmade from Zürich: En Soie

En Soie, French way to say “in Silk”, it is one of those family handmade business of Zürich that can make us proud.

en soie textile

In 1970 Margrit and Walter Meier took over a Swiss textile distributor that after four years was leaded by the daughter-in-law Monique that in 1984 renamed the brand as “En Soie” drawing two little dancing rabbits as a symbol of the Silkhouse.

And it still a family business, where Monique together with the multitalented daughters Anna, Sophie can be seen in the old town of Zürich in their historical shop of Strehlgasse 26. But they also have a boutique in Los Angeles where probably you could see the other daughter Eleonore, in 3333 Sunset Blvd.

en soie sisters

Both stores carry the full En Soie range: fashion apparel, accessories, bags, jewellery, shoes, ceramics, works of art and a cook-book.

en soie shop zürich

It is well known for its colorful fabrics and scarves and its special aesthetic taste for handprinted and embroidered cloches.

en soie scarves

Every item is handmade either in Switzerland or in India, where Anna plans to open a further store.

I like this Rose Flamingos Wallet (89$) .en soie wallet

Or this white Hip Bag (110$) very practical and Zürich style.


It is of course a special treat to buy one of those pieces, but bloggers say that it is worth it…

Happy day,