At Home with Ale!

I am back in London and full of enthusiasm for new blog design. Have you already seen our new ABOUT page? It was so good to see Ale in live!!! Her house is so filled with craftiness and the two of us in one room made living in craftosphere very real.


One morning we wandered around in Zurich and it struck me again how arty, hip and individual this city is. Compared to London, I appreciate its originality and authenticity.


Together we dropped by at some of my favorite shops (comepony, camaleon, uniqum and lilli-tulpan) and collected crafty ideas. Soaked with inspiration I feel ready now for a new season in craftosphere!


Helvetiaplatz Flea Market

Hello from Zürich!

For crafters and handwork addicted, on Saturday there is an appointment in Zürich that you shouldn’t miss: Helvetiaplatz!


From all around the city, it is the easiest flea market. I mean, you can find a lot messy useless stuff and even sometime you would laugh to see what they are selling (by the way you can also sell ridiculous stuff, as for our experience on selling cloths and ski equipment in the middle of the summer ;) ). But it is the one where you can find really cheap stuff for your own craft, as old-fashioned fabrics, leftover of wool, tools for every crochet or knitting work, pieces of old fornuture, pictures, papers, trinkets, cloths and so on.


My purchase of the Saturday morning was a a circular knitting needles for just 2 CHF (1,35 £ – 1,64 Euro)! I don’t know really what I am going to do with that but I’ve discovered in youtube and on blogs some interesting stuff like bonnet or socks.

HERE MY FAVOURITE PIECES of my last tour in Helvetiaplatz:

One of the small stands with some wool leftover and tools for knitting.


A drawing from the seventies that I find cool.helvetia2

A Stands of nice cloths from two young ladies.. look at the sweater please! Some England even in Zürich ;-)

So, if you are in Zürich and you don’t find something cheap for your handcraft go to Helvetiaplatz on Sunday morning. Give it a try!