Funny Beanies for Kids from my mum and me

Making a new hut is one of the most funny things to do when you are starting to knit or crochet. And when we speak about kids huts, the imagination raises even faster!

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Less than two years ago I “ordered” some beanies for my little one from my mum, who she saw the pictures I’ve found in internet and then she made them very quick with a precision of a Swiss watchmaker.

I wish I was so skilled like my mum in crochet and knitting. She can quickly get the pattern from a look to the picture and make it in the right size of the head of the baby!

For me it is still unbelievable…Still a long road to that kind of achievement I guess.

Here it is the results: 3 funny beanies for kids to wear with proud and quirkiness!

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And some days ago I also finished one beanie, very simple (remember the post I made about it? DIY crochet beanies with colorful pompom), for a friend of Enea, Gabriel, who is turning today 2 years old! I put some whiskers and a pair of tiny eyes around a red nose-pompom. Something I guess I took from Antje’s amazing Halloween pumpkins. J

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It is a simple hut for beginners. I used a double crochet stitch for the white part.

Alles gute zum Geburtstag Gabriel!! (who is going to open the present in a couple of hours…) :-)

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It is so simple and have a little effect when you watch it from the top. You can just play with wool and applications and make whatever animal face or moster around a pompom nose. Have fun with that and send us some pics if you try it!

For what concern my mum’s beanies, is anybody interested in the patterns? I can be her translator and make some for the DaWanda shop.

Have a crafty weekend…And let’s stay un-tuned for a couple of days!