CLOUD Part 3: Recycling T-shirts for Baby Pants

Hi from Zürich,

Yes in few days we will fly to London! And reunite the group! :-D

It has been so fast this period of posting, it feels like something natural to me, now. I am all exited about reading the next one of Antje on Sunday evening… And then I am all about creativity on everyday of my life, finding inspiration for the next post, and experimenting crafty things so intensively like never before…

By the way, it is cloudy even today in Zurich… But I assure you, it should be cloudy only today, and probably never again for the coming months. ;-)

I therefor propose my last piece of the “trilogy” CLOUDS: a pants for babies or kids made from 2 T-shirt, one orange and one  white restyled with painted clouds.

clouds pants 1I normally don’t use patterns, and I try to improvise watching attentively a pair of pants that I find in some websites, like ETSY for exemple, or PINTEREST, which are always sources of inspiration.

clouds 8 clouds 11

As you can see, first I paint the clouds and then the sky with a yellow color.

It is nice to use the T-shirt (jersey cotton) for this kind of pants because they are enough elastic for wearing it with comfort.

I sewed a lot in the last period… And experimented the textile colors with bodys or fabrics for Kids. I’ll make some research about some patters and try new things in the next weeks.

Happy crafting!

And see you in/from London ;-)