Logo Design

Hello from London,

this week i want to share some logo design work I have tried recently. First of all, I have to say these are my first logo design attempts ever and I hope all professional graphic designers out there will not laugh too much at my deplorable efforts. logoActually, I work in research and recently, we organize some conferences. For the web pages of these conferences, logos are needed and our team leader thought, we are creative enough to come up with some own ideas.

The first conference is called «International Conference on the use of Computers in Radiation therapy (ICCR)”. The logo should trigger associations like «computer», «programming», «radiotherapy» and «London».
Here you see my brainstorming and my hand drafted idea. The thought was to abstract the power symbol of a computer by London emblems.
My design was not chosen in the end and I can see that the advantage of the winning design was the incorporation of the radiotherapy topic in form of depth dose curves.
The second conference is on 4D treatment planning, so the logo should involve some «motion», a hint to the «location close to London» and ideally again also an evidence on its radiotherapeutic content.



Here you see my first two ideas. For this logo, an animated as well as an static version was required. Again, I struggle to incorporate the link to radiotherapy…

I guess I will scratch my head a bit more next week. Let me know if you have any ideas and stay creative!