Tiny Canvasses and a Bit of Japanese Taste

Last weekend I was particularly active in handwork. I had some tiny white canvases for some years already in the drawer. I never used them because I was afraid that a tiny drawing looks easily poor and cheap. But after watching a lot of Japanese drawings from Hiroko Ishii, I stated to experiment my copy-paste ability and added some personal taste.

Here I show these tiny canvasses that I drew.

tinypics5tinypics4 tinypics3They are simple and sometimes funny, I’ve tried to keep this Japanese influence that I basically had doing them.

tinypics1I think all together they can make a funny corridor wall or a cute decoration of a tiny bathroom. I just hope not to ruin them with the painting…

I will keep you updated with the results. ;)

Keep thinking creative, and have a good slip into the Fall! (I like to say “slip” as the German do for new year’s wishes eheheh)