3 Easy Up-cycling Ideas for Creative (& Practical) Mums!

There are mums that always amaze me and one in particular is our friend Melanie. She is mum of 3 small kids under 3 years old. She has a great job that she makes her happy and she likes to make things for her 3 children, or mostly for her house in order to make it tidy and nice. As a mum I know how much some pieces of furniture make the (mum- and papa-)life a lot easier.

We passed by them today and noticed 3 things that she made for her little ones out of really cheap (and sometimes free) materials. Those things than can be useful in every child room but also, let’s admit it, they can be a stylish complement in every adult house!

Processed with Moldiv1) A cloths hunger is always cool to have, but what about a cloth hunger on the top of a nursery? I find it such a great idea! Especially since babies must be changed a lot of time per day and it is super faster to have the cloths visible and not out of hand.

You can find this kind of rope with cloths pins in Ikea, but it looks easy to make it your self (maybe adding a bit of colors in the pins).

Processed with Moldiv2) If you are lucky enough to find this kind of wooden boxes (with all the presents we received lately, it must not be such difficult task), what about to hung them and use them as a wall cabinet? Melanie colored them in blue and in pink, since the 6 months old twins are a boy and a girl.Processed with Moldiv3) The last one is my favourite: it was a simple wine box, and look at what a beautiful wall cupbpard became! It stores kids tablewares and it is immediately next to the eating table. The stars make it cute.

Processed with MoldivSo whenever you are a mamma or not, go and try these up-cycling ideas than can make your house look tidier. And nicer!

Happy 2015!!!