DIY: Upcycled Toy Storage Containers

Who has babies or toddlers knows how many diapers a child needs…

Commercially there are many kind of diapers, for every taste and age. Speaking about the one that you trow away, normally they are folded and wrapped on some light plastic, but how doesn’t know the Pampers ones? (p.s. the most expensive but sometimes with promotions you can get them for a fair price)

In this case, they are packed in some cardboard boxes with some kind of grips that remind me a lot of a drawer from IKEA.

Ok, also through my little network of foreign friends and relatives, I’ve also noticed that really few people don’t have the simple squared white IKEA library!!! Unbelievable but true. I think it just marks a typical furniture of a generation!

That’s it is just to show you how to save some money but overall how to use some creativity, making some library drawers out of simple Pampers boxes!


All you need is…

– Boxes of pampers (or whatever has the right sizes for a drawer)

– Washi tape (normal black tape is also fine for contrast)

– Colorful paper sheets (or it would be cool to make them with your own drawings!)

– Vinyl glue

– A marker








Definitively my library is now more colorful and my house more tidy. And my boy loves it! …Till he will crash it. J


P.s. My library is a mess, I know… but slowly I will fix it. ;-)

Make you too some colors out of this autumn!

And enjoy leaves falling and sunshine on the balcony with a fresh breeze,