DIYs: What to do with a Bunch of Straws

Some time ago I made the ornament for the Christmas three with some IKEA colorful straws. Since the straws are something really easy to handle and cut and they makes every kids room a bit quirky, I had a look on the blogosphere and found some ideas that can be made by your self.

But first I wanna show you my own straws frame that I simply made with a white IKEA frame and a bunch of colorful straws.

happy cookies4 Tools and material: Scissors and glue, straws and a frame.

happy cookies5

And here I show you some amazing DIYs that I’ve found in pinterest. Actually I’m kind of in love with the plant hanger!

DIY: Himmeli Ornaments


DIY: How to Use Neon Straws and String to Make Easy DIY Hanging Planters


DIY: Letter made by Straws


DIY: Another Straws “Squared” Frame


Happy Crafty Weekend!



DIY: Pompom Christmas Tree!

Yes a last minute tree is always needed! Especially for whom has a small apartment and a little time. J

This is my DIY of a pompom Christmas Tree. ***You may choose the typical green color (not a light green like mine…) or just make it colorful and very special with your own fantasy.

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DIY Materials:

– PomPom kit ( or two paper-cartons circles)

– Green wool and red wool

– A scissor

– A small decoration for the top

– a shining thread

DIY procedure:

Make a normal circular big pompom with the green wool. Don’t forget to add every once in a while the red wool thread for a couple of rounds.

Once your pompom is made, use the scissor to shape it as a cone.

It is done!

But if you want to add a sparkling touch, add a shining thread on it.

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I hanged mine in the entrance of the kitchen together with the stars decoration.

2014-12-01 21.23.05

Happy December!