DIY: Color Block Crochet Pom-pom Scarf

Last days were laaaazy. I wish I had the energy of Antje! J

I don’t crochet a lot nowadays but I had a couple of things finally done and finally wore by whom I wanted to give them.

I made a couple of scarves with pompoms and I really like the effect they make with children. They are fun and really easy to do. I just used a double stitch.

SIMPLE TUTORIAL: I started with a 3 chain stitches, then slip stitch, two double crochet in the next two stitches, and then coming back I always added a double crochet in every row, till I reached the width of the scarf that I wanted. At this point I had just to make rows with the same amount of double crochet stitches. I ended in the same way I began, obviously in the other way round.

2014-11-26 14.36.30

2014-11-26 14.37.00

2014-11-26 14.40.45

One is a scarf for my niece, which I sent it through my mum and now I had finally a picture of her with it!

bianca con la sciarpa

I made also another one with different pompom colors.

I love pompoms.

Somebody has any suggestion for further ideas with them?

I’ll be so happy to get your tips!

Happy second half of the week