Swiss Antique Crafts at Ballenberg Openair Museum

Hi from Switzerland!

Did you hear about Ballenberg open air museum? I wouldn’t bother you with a very perfect ordinary museum… This is really great stuff and need a visit if you pass by!

And here we went with a couple of great Australian guests in an annoying rainy day of Swiss summer when you just don’t have a lot of things to do except assaulting the shops full of sales.

And it is just an hour and half from Zurich! And what an experience! Especially after a long cosy dinner with fondue with a glass too much… ;-)

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It is an open air museum. That means that it is big as a village and have a lot of different antique houses from Switzerland, well distributed in the different regions like the Swiss cantons.

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Every house is maintained as it has always been inhabited and you can then find cloths hanged outside, farm animals going around, big plants and vegetable gardens. And if you go inside, you have a bunch of surprises. You can see the interiors as well as some kind of expositions of crafty materials and tools, old costumes and musical instruments.

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And that is only a little taste of the amazing Ballenberg museum!

Have a look here to see all the craft activities they make…

Happy crafting!