DIY: Pompom Christmas Tree!

Yes a last minute tree is always needed! Especially for whom has a small apartment and a little time. J

This is my DIY of a pompom Christmas Tree. ***You may choose the typical green color (not a light green like mine…) or just make it colorful and very special with your own fantasy.

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DIY Materials:

– PomPom kit ( or two paper-cartons circles)

– Green wool and red wool

– A scissor

– A small decoration for the top

– a shining thread

DIY procedure:

Make a normal circular big pompom with the green wool. Don’t forget to add every once in a while the red wool thread for a couple of rounds.

Once your pompom is made, use the scissor to shape it as a cone.

It is done!

But if you want to add a sparkling touch, add a shining thread on it.

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I hanged mine in the entrance of the kitchen together with the stars decoration.

2014-12-01 21.23.05

Happy December!



Christmas Tree with Straws and Pompom

I am entering like Antje in a Christmas mood!

The fog is floating in the countryside, the temperature dropped down but it is nice to see these small Christmas lights everywhere. I’ve almost (fortunatelly) forgot to watch my phone going through Zurich with the tram… The lights are so beautiful in the city! They deserve to be admired!
And I’ve got a Christmass tree, one of these fake ones that you can keep it in the basement and take it off every year. I know that it doesn’t look so nice as the true ones, but I feel kind of pity for them when I see them left in the garbage after the festivities…

It is my first real Christmas tree. I’ve been moving so much in the last 12 years – and especially I’ve never been at home in Christmas! – that I’ve never really wanted a Christmas tree. But this year something told me that it was nice to create some more Christmas atmosphere than I normally do – may be because of a toddler? Ya! J

Then I have got some ideas to make it “in my way”! I.e. Colorful and funny.

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I did it with a staws-garland and some colorful pompom.


1) First I made some pompom. I did around 12 pompom of two colors. I suggest to use a really cheap syntetic wool, because you will need a lot of it and the final effect is anyway cool!

xmas3I used a pompom maker in plastic but you can just do with some paper circles. Let’s look here in the blog of small good things for an even more special pompom. That part was a bit longer, but who cares, I will use those pompom in the future!

2) Then I made a garland with some colorful staws. I just used a rope, some scissors and a hook (a tapestry needle is also fine).

Processed with Moldiv…if you happen to have a small child moving around, this very easy task can became really complicate indeed! the rope can be stock with knots around him/her and you may need some patience to undone it. Ehheheh…

xmas enea

So here it is. I made my Christmas tree!! And happy to have it in my way.

A bunch of pompom for a happy winter!