A Belgian Sewing Magazine “La Maison Victor”

Hi from Zurich,

Last weekend I was in Brussels where my husband is from and where I like to be because it is full of good memories and there is a nice careless atmosphere. In the way back I discovered a sewing magazine in french and flemish that has nice projects of dresses, both for women and for kids: “La Maison Victor”. There is also cool website full of patterns for buy.

La Maison Victorgreydress

I would like to make this grey dress because I think it is nice and in the same time simple. the pdf of the pattern costs 7,95 euro. There are also nice patterns for kids in the website with fair prices as this one for babies that is funny and easy.

bebe body one


Belgian – and especially Flemish – design is often forgotten, but there is so much to discover – and RE-discover – in the city! image_5We had plenty of walks and dinners with our Belgian friends in this long weekend. They all live in very nice buildings and have a nice view as this one in the top.

Brussels is a city often associated with grey weather and European Community business, but there is so much more. I hope I can tell even another time about her… Look at her art-nouveau beauty which tells more than 1000 words.


Keep creative,