Recycle Flowerpots

I know I promised some update for things I will sell at Gerolds market this week, but there is another project sneaking in before. Since there is spring in the air, I am crazy about plants! I feel like growing many herbs, vegetables and flowers.
DSC04296_1As I am currently for a few month stay abroad, I neither have a garden or a lot of tools for gardening around. Also it is not very practical to buy a lot of pots as I will not be able to take them with me back home in a few weeks. Thus, I remembered an old post of Ale, using yogurt pots for plants and followed her example….
flower_pot2Milk and yogurt packs make beautiful flowerpots, especially if decorated with some washi tape. I planted some sunflowers and it is amazing how fast they grow. I feel I can watch them growing. During the day, they enjoy the sunshine at my window bench and at night they make beautiful shadows at my wall.
flower_pot3Have a nice week and soon you will see some more market stuff here, I promise!!!

Crafty Discoveries in Utrecht

This week I have a few crafty tips for Utrecht. This beautiful little city is for sure worth a visit!!!

If you just have one afternoon then I recommend to walk along oudegracht. The a very nice little shops if you look for gifts like this or this and if you look for bead and jewelry supplies make sure you stop here.
Utrecht2If you can arrange, plan your visit at an early Saturday morning and visit the oldest fabric market in whole Netherlands, Lapjesmarkt. You can find fabrics in all colors, patterns and for all imaginable purposes. Just beautiful!!!
Utrecht1This weekend, I finally also managed to work on my next market project. But more of that in a few days. Have a good start into the week!

Oman’s Crochet Creations

As long as we were traveling with the car during the day, I was sometimes crocheting with my own cotton brought from Italy.  And I started to work on two projects: one teddy bear rattle and a pair of baby shoes.

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

The teddy bear rattle is a simplification of the one I made some time ago.


The shoes are my own creation, starting with a pattern of simple baby shoes I added some colors and edged with a contrasting color.



I am now looking for flu cotton… I am doing some research but it doesn’t seem so easy to find some good ones with a fair price. It would be so nice to add some of them to very simple baby or kitchen cloths!

By the way, Oman was a surprising wonderful place to visit for us! It has everything and the landscapes are so different one from each other (and we were just traveling in the northern part of it): desert, mountains, canyons, wadi and beautiful beaches, giant turtles making nests on the beach, great and cheap food, very easy to camp everywhere. And also quite safe.

We treated our selves a bit for the last day, going to an amazing resort near Muscat, made in a great locations amongst rocks and super nice sea coast.

A place to discover.



Promenade Treasure Pendants

Hoi from Utrecht and sorry for the long absence… The last weeks have been busy. I relocated for work reasons to Utrecht for a few month. I love my new temporary home and currently explore every corner of this adorable little city. Today, the weather was sunny and spring was in the air, thus I decided to go for a long walk…

walkThe nature here is beautiful. From when I left home until I returned, I found some little treasures on the way and had the idea for a new crafty project.

treasuresI combined the little treasures to a little pendant and added a little tag stating the location and the date of my walk.

DSC04173So whenever I will yearn for some sunny beautiful spring nature, I will wear my “Utrecht 10.5.2015” pendant :-) Currently, I am in the mood for long walks. Maybe I will start a little promenade treasure pendant series. how do you like this idea? With personal notes, I think they will also make nice gift. It like giving away nice memories… Till soon! Enjoy spring!

The Crafty Corner of DUBAI is in Zabeel Park!

I left for Dubai with very low expectations about creativity. But I happily find out that there is a little crafty market every Friday morning on Zabeel Park, the Ripe Food & Craft Market from 9 am to 2 pm, thank to my friends that live in Dubai for already 7 years.

2015-05-01 13.03.19

And said to be the last Crafty Market of the season, as long as Dubai is getting warm and warmer!

Since it was already almost 40 degrees, there were not a lot of stands – like it happens in the flea markets of Zurich in the middle of the winter when it is freeze cold!

2015-05-01 11.52.17 2015-05-01 12.01.55 2015-05-01 11.58.20 2015-05-01 11.59.40

But I really enjoyed. I loved especially the stand of our friend’s friend who makes little cards with a special Japanese Origami-like technics.

2015-05-01 11.54.37

And 2BIRDS stand with middle-east inspired items produced by two Aussie birds who live in Dubai. The fluo-neon colors are really a trend everywhere now!

2015-05-01 11.52.49 2015-05-01 11.53.38  2015-05-01 12.52.26

Do you remember my necklaces of last summer? I should give it a try and make some new ones for the market of June…2015-05-01 12.52.42 2015-05-01 11.56.11

I fell in love with this Oriental hanger of necklaces. Don’t you think it is magic with the sun-rays that come in-between? Does anyone know where could I find one of them?

My opinion of Dubai and the middle east went definitively up. It is a sunny place full of contradictions and mystery. Very lively. But you must go a bit around to discover that the nature is amazing and even more spectacular than the city itself.

I’ll tell you more next time about our on and off road trip in Oman!

Happy week



Last weekend was Vienna-Marathon-Weekend!!!
Vienna1Maybe you remember my post about the running T-shirt design from a few weeks ago. I promised I would show you the final design. It went through some iterations, got a bit simpler and changed colors, but I think in the end looked pretty awesome.

Vienna3We choose red, as red is the color of the winners and we obviously all aimed for winning this marathon :-) We were a team of nine and we all mad it to the finish line!!! Her a picture from after the finish of six of us. I think we all look pretty happy :-)

Vienna2But to be honest, it were four long hours!!! And without some crafty stuff to think about, I would not have made it. I got some new ideas on the way, which will be introduced in the next weeks. Thus, stay tuned :-)

Baby Teddy Rattle + Crochet Pattern

As I told you last weekend I was going to make a baby rattle with some cotton.

My crochet craft piece is now finished and it makes “bling bling”: it’s a baby rattle!



Easy half-way to learn how to make shapes for later build a puppet. And with just the single crochet stitch!

As you can see I couldn’t really end it well enough since I didn’t manage to make the right amount of stitches at the end of the tube and the edge looks a bit imperfect for a reason that I still don’t get.

I was thinking to cover it with a small ribbon and a crochet bow but I didn’t finally do it. It is a toy for babies and I don’t want to add more material than could be in some ways swallowed.

And here it is the pattern that I used for the baby rattle. It is easy to follow with the pictures and the good explanation in English.

Chubby Teddy Rattle by Aisha Kenza

Hope you can make it better and a way more asymmetrical! J

But he is funny…

Happy day