I think it finally happened, spring is here…
easter_1So I decided to pack my crafty stuff and travel to Kew Gardens! I found the perfect traveling box for my origami stuff the other day in a thrift shop: an old check box!
easterTo stay with the garden theme, I skip two projects on my market list and tackle the “Summer-Flower-Seed-Envelops”. The idea comes from here, a Dutch blog I really like. The pictures on this blog are always colorful, original and adorable. Currently, I try my best to read the Dutch posts every day to pick up a bit the language in preparation of my stay in Utrecht soon… But more of that an other time.
easter_3I really enjoy matching different papers and colors. I prepared a selection of summer envelopes, each containing three smaller envelopes with flower seeds. I thought these envelops could make pretty gift tags or guest gift for a wedding or a summer party… This is just the first selection, more will follow!
DSC03915I hope you also enjoyed a day out, surrounded by spring flowers. Happy Easter from Kew Gardens!

Origami Jumping-Frog-Game

I don`t know how things are at your side of the canal, but here in London I am desperately waiting for spring!!! So far, nature out here is still pretty gray. But my second project for the market at Frau Gerolds Garden brings some color :-)

frog_1When thinking about projects, I wanted to make some pretty things for adults, but also some fun things for children. These little origami frogs in their box make an easy to take along game. They are folded to be able to jump up to two meter :-)

frog1You don’t believe me? Well, then fold some yourself (detailed instructions here) or come by our stand at the 27th of June and participate in a jumping competition :-)

frog_2Happy spring to everybody and get well soon Ale!!!

Knitting on Planes

I am traveling again and my loyal companion are my wooden knitting needles (they are great,because you can take them along in the plane!!!). Thus, I follow up on my previous post “knitting on trains” by “knitting on planes” :-)
knittingonplains1The hair ribbons I started in fall are done. I managed to do four in the end, two adult size ones and two for babies. So many of my friends are currently pregnant, thus I think I have to make a few more baby ones.

knittingonplains2But first I want to tread myself with a pair of matching cuff. I should be able to finish them within one week of traveling. Knitting and looking down on the beautiful white mountains of Switzerland from the plane window while approaching Zurich where a lot of friend are waiting for me, I consider myself very, very fortunate!!!

Gift Wrapping

Here comes a confession: It is only this weekend that I am sending of my Christmas presents!
present1I know, I am very, very, late. But over Christmas I collapsed at the sofa of my parents and was very sick. Thus, instead of finishing my presents in a delirium, I decided that the delivery will be delayed this year. This weekend, I managed to finish and wrap gifts for friends

present2and for children of friends.

present3For one of the gift cards I tried again to combine different materials. Stitching on paper is something I will definitely follow up during this year.

present4As you can see, I will be in Züri again soon too meet my crafty soulmate Ale. We have officially scheduled a “blog-meeting” and as a result of that, you can expect surprises :-)

A happy belated Christmas, keep giving!

Happy And Colorful Christmas!

Merry Christmas also from me!!!

christmas1As always, I have been busy with traveling till the last minute. My train ride from London to Edinburgh was perfect to prepare some instructions for the origami from my last post. Here you go…
christmas21. start from a square, fold it corner to corner to become a triangle and two corners to two corners to look like a rectangle
2. unfold it and create a diamond square that opens on one side
3. on the closed side fold the corners inwards on both sides that it becomes a dragon shape
4. cut the little triangles on the open side off
5. reorder the paper that the triangle has an open and a closed side again
6. on the open end fold all corners inwards that it becomes a diamond shape again (it should be eight corners you have to fold inwards.
7. unfold the whole structure and start forming the paper to become one part of your origami diamond later
8. create two of those and join them together with glue.
If anything is unclear, a more detailed instruction can be found here.
I really like those, as they can be used hanging or lying.
christmas3By choosing special colors, you can make  them look christmassy. Otherwise, I think they just look happy and colorful.

Thus, carry on celebrating happy and colorful Christmas!

Button Cookies

As announced in my last post, I made some Antje-Christmas-Button-Cookies :-)

knopf1I find them prity cool, especialy since my last name «Knopf» means button in German. I think I will make a Christmas tradition out of these and will send some sweet buttons to my friends now every year. Also they are so easy to make….

knopf2In fact I am traveling this week, thus I baked those while staying at a friends place. All you need is some ready made cookie dough (I took gingerbread cookie dough; of course you can also make your own dough), two plastic caps of different size and a chopstic. Cut out circles, add four little holes and back. Done!


A happy sweet-button-pre-christmas-time!

Snugly Cookies

After the Christmas decoration last week, some Christmas cookies this week. This cold and grumpy weather outside really makes me longing for coziness, snugness and the sweet smell of cookies.
cookie1I tried some black and white squirrel honey-cookies and some simple star shaped sugar-cookies. I varied the sugar-cookie recipe a bit by mixing an additional banana in, which turned out really nice.

cookie2Most fun is of course the decoration…

eich1star2I think before Christmas I also want to try some button-cookies as my last name is button :-) I guess they would make nice little gifts for my friends. Lets see when I will find time.

Bring some snugness into your home by experimenting with some cookie recipes!