New Spring, New Header!

Hi, that was my longest break from the Blog, ever!

I’ve been busy and sometimes too tired. Baby number two is on the way and my creativity in the evening and weekend was over for a while. My phD workload and the classes I am giving are increasing, so there has been very little time for the Blog.

But today and yesterday have been two really sunny days in Zurich and even tough I was very tired for  the lack of sleep, I felt energy coming back! There is an expression in Italian that today was echoing in my mind: “La primavera è alle porte”. And when the Spring is coming you already feel the Summer there and there is this huge fantasy you make about this very long period starting right now!

That’s why today I made some time for creativity, I really needed. I made up a new header, just to refresh a little bit our blog and give some more light for the months coming. I guess Antje and I will be very busy and traveling but we are working on ideas and projects for selling our own little things on 27th June, in Frau Gerolds Garten!

It is imperfect, with the “C” going of its own direction… but I let it like that. I think that “imperfection” is our distinctive feature, as it has to be.

Do you like it?

Have a nice icecream at the sun, maybe surronded by the landscape of the lake of Zurich.



DIYs: What to do with a Bunch of Straws

Some time ago I made the ornament for the Christmas three with some IKEA colorful straws. Since the straws are something really easy to handle and cut and they makes every kids room a bit quirky, I had a look on the blogosphere and found some ideas that can be made by your self.

But first I wanna show you my own straws frame that I simply made with a white IKEA frame and a bunch of colorful straws.

happy cookies4 Tools and material: Scissors and glue, straws and a frame.

happy cookies5

And here I show you some amazing DIYs that I’ve found in pinterest. Actually I’m kind of in love with the plant hanger!

DIY: Himmeli Ornaments


DIY: How to Use Neon Straws and String to Make Easy DIY Hanging Planters


DIY: Letter made by Straws


DIY: Another Straws “Squared” Frame


Happy Crafty Weekend!


Bye bye 2014!

It is normally the beginning of the year the most exiting one concerning the projects and goals to reach in the following year.

But I want to stop by and think about the great 2014.

It is maybe the snow that doesn’t stop to fall here in Zurich, or maybe the Roman Christmas vacations that left such warming feelings, or maybe just that we didn’t catch the flight to Malaga but remained at home because our little boy has been sick. So plenty of time for boredom! J

…Which anyway helps sometimes to focus on the memories and thinkings.

Processed with MoldivIn 15 February 2014 our Blog was born. During this 10 months and half of life  of our “Craftosphere Explorers” experience we had 2300 views and this post is the 90th one.

In Christmas we had a fantastic present: 101 views!


Antje and I enjoy blogging but most of all we have been enjoying the fact that we see the life with a different prospective. We see more creative things around and every little material or tool make us want to make something new out of it!

I have always thought that creativity is an important part to keep in my life and I wish that everybody had a bit more space for creativity too.

This new Blog experience is really keeping us motivated with DIY, experimenting new technics and doing the things we have always wanted to do but we never gave a try. I.e. for me, that means crocheting, learning embroidery, using fimo, watching interesting creative social medias or other crafters blogs.

It also give us space to thing that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

And last but not least, we start to feel in a warm environment of bloggers-crafters that we enjoy so much!

Processed with Moldiv

One special thanks to our followers.

Enjoy the NYE and see you next year!


Snugly Cookies

After the Christmas decoration last week, some Christmas cookies this week. This cold and grumpy weather outside really makes me longing for coziness, snugness and the sweet smell of cookies.
cookie1I tried some black and white squirrel honey-cookies and some simple star shaped sugar-cookies. I varied the sugar-cookie recipe a bit by mixing an additional banana in, which turned out really nice.

cookie2Most fun is of course the decoration…

eich1star2I think before Christmas I also want to try some button-cookies as my last name is button :-) I guess they would make nice little gifts for my friends. Lets see when I will find time.

Bring some snugness into your home by experimenting with some cookie recipes!

Folded Paper Stars

Slowly, I am getting into christmas-mood and I started to decorate our Oxford home. At one of the weekend walks, I found a nicely winding branch for which I folded a lot of white little stars over the last days.
stars_1I tried three pattern…
stars_2Folding paper stars is the perfect activity on long train journeys, of which I do a lot recently. The following tutorial is from an early morning train ride between Oxford and London, when I got stuck. Fist, I was annoyed but then this disruption gave me the chance to watch a beautiful sunrise over the frozen winter landscape…
stars_3Here you find more professional tutorials for the small, the medium and the large star.

Happy folding!

Cardboard Storage

Recently, I moved and this weekend I finally unpacked and ordered all my crafty supplies. Over the last years I am moving on a annual frequency and every time I wish I would just have less stuff!!! As I don`t want to accumulate more shelves and racks, I try to be inventive with the ways of storage. As every move also brings more cardboard boxes, I recently used them to build some boxes and shelves.




I like my things to be ordered, but also visible that I can just ponder in front of them, thinking about my next project. In blogosphere you find a lot of nice ideas for what to do with cardboard. Here is where I found the inspiration for the little shelf and three more ideas I like: a geometrical and a spherical lamp and a little book shelf.


The weekend is almost over and I am looking forward to the inspirations and ideas the next week will bring. For now I wish you inspiering dreams. In my new room, I love to fall asleep to the light blue glowing of my globe and recently often a very dramatic morning sky wakes me up.