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→Physicist keen to establish an existence in craftosphere! While life constantly chases me around the world, I try to balance my rather theoretical work days in London with ingenuity and creativity in my free-time. I love handwritten letters, inventive daily life objects, handcrafted presents, interior design, social feasts with friends, unintentional art and the inspiring beauty of nature. In this blog I want to share my crafty passion and hope you will like what you see!

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→Italian teacher and soul based in Zürich, where I live with my Husband and my little boy. My passion for handmade has always been in me and I try to spread it in every corner of my daily life. I am a crafty-blogs follower addicted and here I add some discoveries from the Blogosphere and my small big travels, as well as showing my little experiments with different materials and crafts. Thank to pass by!

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↓We are crafty soulmates and friends who met 2012, when Ale posted at Ronorp that she was looking for people to share an artist’s workshop with. At this time, we were both still living in Zurich. Due to Ale’s initiative, a small circle of creative people gathered. We never mad it to really find a studio to share, but we meet regularly, exchanged crafty ideas, sold some handmade stuff at second hand markets or at art fairs and even attempted to launch a label (we failed on the naming, however. We basically had to many ideas :-)).

2013, life forced Antje to move to London. Separated by a few km and even some water, we missed sharing crafting moments or mostly crafting talks with someone who is equally into that kind of stuff. For that reason, Ale had the idea to make the blog “Zürich-London Crafty Chats”. A few weeks later https://craftosphereexplorers.wordpress.com/ came online.

The blog now keeps us connected, motivates us to come up with something crafty at least once a week and to keep going through the world with eyes wide open :-) We hope you enjoy what we see and what we make!!!

Big hug from Zurich & London

♥Ale & Antje♥


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