back to reality

I recently had some thought about our blog. I have to be honest, in the last weeks I was not able to post much and constantly had a bad conscience. I feel in order to make you followers happy, we should post every week. But recently my life was just too busy. And then this week after a lot of traveling for work, for the first time in long, I had time to breath again. I looked at my to do list and saw the blog has been neglected for 4 weeks now… Instantly, I felt bad and thought which project I should prepare next …

Wilhemina_1But then I stopped and had another look at my to do list… Also I wanted to sent a birthday present to my aunt, who just finished chemo, I wanted to sent a welcome present to little Ida, the newborn daughter of my friend in London, I wanted to sent postcards from Utrecht to friends since weeks… So then I realised that actually I want to put back my priority to make real people in my life happy and the blog followers only come second. Do you understand what I mean?

Wilhemina_2I think our blog is great. It kept me motivated to try new things and it kept me close to Ale. I think it is amazing that we managed the market and spend a day among many crafty soulemates. But lately, I feel something went wrong… This blog should be joy, not stress!!!

Wilhemina_3Thus, I feel I need a break… maybe it is that after a year dedication, I feel there are other new things I want to try and this will be the end of me posting… maybe I really just need a break and will be back posting with new energy soon. At the moment I don’t know…
I hope all that read this will understand… Don’t abandon this space. There will be more craftyness happening here! But for now I need to get back from virtuality to reality. I hope to see some of you out there :-)


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