My Next 5 and a Half Weeks: Projects on the Way (with Free Patterns From the Blogosphere!)

The hot summer has cooled down a bit last night. My teaching lessons are slowing down from the end of next week on. And I am 5 and a half weeks far away from the due date.

Let’s say there is a big will of taking care of my self for at least 3/4 weeks before the birth, have long sleeps and especially “make the things I’ve never had time to do!”.

The to-do-list includes creative and less-creative stuff. But more important it is a way to relax and see this period as a way to recharge the positive energy and make the best of it for the growing family.

I wish I had more time… We always say. But in fact, we just need to be organized. And luckily, I do not feel so sick or tired and just wanna use the energy I have for making or finishing the “nice things” I’ve left aside for a while.

1) Wedding albums.

First of all I’d like to finish the marriage album with all the pictures of the day before the wedding and the day of the wedding. Thanks to my friends and the good photographer, I have really great pictures of those days. It has been 3 years we got married and still – I am a bit ashamed to admit it – I have to finish the two big albums of pictures I made myself (sometimes that’s the bargain to do things in your own … But better in this way! ;)).

2) Family photos books.

I also would like to (at least) start the yearly family album from 2012 on, the year were we got married and I was pregnant with our first boy. I still don’t know how… Nowadays it has become so difficult to select photos and decide what to do with the digitalized version of them. I wanna just do it fast and do not worry too much to leave some nice photos away.

3) A crochet blanket for the next boy.


First I found some super quality 100% merino wool in an outlet in Italy. The thread was so thin that I needed to roll it 7 times! I spent a huge quantity of evenings in the winter watching series with my husband and rolling this wool…Not the most funny activity ever, let’s say. I used two colors: yellow and white. Then the main color of my the little blanket I have in mind it’s a light yellow. I used this vintage pattern from the Dutch crocheter ByHaafner. Dutch and Scandinavian people are so good with wool and pattern!

My wool is a lot thiner. Then I calculated that I’d need at least 9 squares (and not just 4 like in the picture). I’m finishing my 5th in these evenings.

4) A small monkey or another crocheted animal for the baby coming.

2015-06-05 10.46.09

I think I’ll use this Japanese pattern of a crochet cat that I’ve found some time ago (see picture below). I would like to make a monkey or a rattle like the one in this picture above.


5) Stimulating activities to do alone.

I don’t want to make more plans. But it is also good to have some time left for friends and for new inspiring small courses like the ones I am going to follow: one course of French for communication and office that lasts 10 lunch-breaks, and especially one workshop of three mornings to sew cloths for children and babies. It could be handy in the next months. Plus, I’m looking forward to do that! It is the first time I’ll make a course for teaching my self a bit of sewing tips. ;-)

6) Sleep and have fun.

Yes I should not forget that the tiredness is increasing and I could also need some rest before the big event – And especially before the following months of not sleeping and not resting with two boys and may be also a move!

Hope you are fine as well and have some time for your summer projects! Curious to know more about yours…

Hugs and creativity,



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