Getting Ready for the Zürich Flea Market of Saturday

Labels, pricing, little packages, business-cards for our Blog, display furnitures for the market, bins for the little items we create, organizing girls and stand with the market (i.e. chairs, table, umbrella for the sun, boxes, food and drinks)… and so on. I didn’t know it was going to be so tiring to prepare everything for a real sale. At the beginning it looked like the main activity was to CREATE things and then simply try to sell them…But it is so much work more!


But the good thing is that we are – all 6 girls – still motivated and very exited for the stand in the Frau Gerolds Garten of Zürich that we booked for this very Saturday 27th June!

And seeing all the items together made me create even more! I started to mix crochet with Fimo and other kind of beads or material like leather, cotton, wood and tassels. FullSizeRender_3I just hope my desk is gonna be less messy next week. ;-)

Next post will be about our market, hopefully…Because it all depends of the weather of Saturday.

Fingers crossed,




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