Recycle Flowerpots

I know I promised some update for things I will sell at Gerolds market this week, but there is another project sneaking in before. Since there is spring in the air, I am crazy about plants! I feel like growing many herbs, vegetables and flowers.
DSC04296_1As I am currently for a few month stay abroad, I neither have a garden or a lot of tools for gardening around. Also it is not very practical to buy a lot of pots as I will not be able to take them with me back home in a few weeks. Thus, I remembered an old post of Ale, using yogurt pots for plants and followed her example….
flower_pot2Milk and yogurt packs make beautiful flowerpots, especially if decorated with some washi tape. I planted some sunflowers and it is amazing how fast they grow. I feel I can watch them growing. During the day, they enjoy the sunshine at my window bench and at night they make beautiful shadows at my wall.
flower_pot3Have a nice week and soon you will see some more market stuff here, I promise!!!

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