Oman’s Crochet Creations

As long as we were traveling with the car during the day, I was sometimes crocheting with my own cotton brought from Italy.  And I started to work on two projects: one teddy bear rattle and a pair of baby shoes.

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

The teddy bear rattle is a simplification of the one I made some time ago.


The shoes are my own creation, starting with a pattern of simple baby shoes I added some colors and edged with a contrasting color.



I am now looking for flu cotton… I am doing some research but it doesn’t seem so easy to find some good ones with a fair price. It would be so nice to add some of them to very simple baby or kitchen cloths!

By the way, Oman was a surprising wonderful place to visit for us! It has everything and the landscapes are so different one from each other (and we were just traveling in the northern part of it): desert, mountains, canyons, wadi and beautiful beaches, giant turtles making nests on the beach, great and cheap food, very easy to camp everywhere. And also quite safe.

We treated our selves a bit for the last day, going to an amazing resort near Muscat, made in a great locations amongst rocks and super nice sea coast.

A place to discover.




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