Promenade Treasure Pendants

Hoi from Utrecht and sorry for the long absence… The last weeks have been busy. I relocated for work reasons to Utrecht for a few month. I love my new temporary home and currently explore every corner of this adorable little city. Today, the weather was sunny and spring was in the air, thus I decided to go for a long walk…

walkThe nature here is beautiful. From when I left home until I returned, I found some little treasures on the way and had the idea for a new crafty project.

treasuresI combined the little treasures to a little pendant and added a little tag stating the location and the date of my walk.

DSC04173So whenever I will yearn for some sunny beautiful spring nature, I will wear my “Utrecht 10.5.2015” pendant :-) Currently, I am in the mood for long walks. Maybe I will start a little promenade treasure pendant series. how do you like this idea? With personal notes, I think they will also make nice gift. It like giving away nice memories… Till soon! Enjoy spring!


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