Last weekend was Vienna-Marathon-Weekend!!!
Vienna1Maybe you remember my post about the running T-shirt design from a few weeks ago. I promised I would show you the final design. It went through some iterations, got a bit simpler and changed colors, but I think in the end looked pretty awesome.

Vienna3We choose red, as red is the color of the winners and we obviously all aimed for winning this marathon :-) We were a team of nine and we all mad it to the finish line!!! Her a picture from after the finish of six of us. I think we all look pretty happy :-)

Vienna2But to be honest, it were four long hours!!! And without some crafty stuff to think about, I would not have made it. I got some new ideas on the way, which will be introduced in the next weeks. Thus, stay tuned :-)


2 thoughts on “Vienna-Marathon-Weekend

  1. Hi!
    my friend antje can really make good quality of the time. I was of the 9 crazy runners (I’m the pink one in the picture! 😆) and of course meanwhile I was struggling to make it to the end, she was happily exercise her fantasity thinking about new artistic and creative ideas.

    The T-shirts we got were awasome. Wearing them all together make me feeling really part of a friendship with the group and this was great motivation for running more than 4h!! Plus they were colerfull and somehow telling a bit about just impersonal team tshirts!

    Thank you Antje!! See you at the market in zurich!


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