Baby Teddy Rattle + Crochet Pattern

As I told you last weekend I was going to make a baby rattle with some cotton.

My crochet craft piece is now finished and it makes “bling bling”: it’s a baby rattle!



Easy half-way to learn how to make shapes for later build a puppet. And with just the single crochet stitch!

As you can see I couldn’t really end it well enough since I didn’t manage to make the right amount of stitches at the end of the tube and the edge looks a bit imperfect for a reason that I still don’t get.

I was thinking to cover it with a small ribbon and a crochet bow but I didn’t finally do it. It is a toy for babies and I don’t want to add more material than could be in some ways swallowed.

And here it is the pattern that I used for the baby rattle. It is easy to follow with the pictures and the good explanation in English.

Chubby Teddy Rattle by Aisha Kenza

Hope you can make it better and a way more asymmetrical! J

But he is funny…

Happy day



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