I think it finally happened, spring is here…
easter_1So I decided to pack my crafty stuff and travel to Kew Gardens! I found the perfect traveling box for my origami stuff the other day in a thrift shop: an old check box!
easterTo stay with the garden theme, I skip two projects on my market list and tackle the “Summer-Flower-Seed-Envelops”. The idea comes from here, a Dutch blog I really like. The pictures on this blog are always colorful, original and adorable. Currently, I try my best to read the Dutch posts every day to pick up a bit the language in preparation of my stay in Utrecht soon… But more of that an other time.
easter_3I really enjoy matching different papers and colors. I prepared a selection of summer envelopes, each containing three smaller envelopes with flower seeds. I thought these envelops could make pretty gift tags or guest gift for a wedding or a summer party… This is just the first selection, more will follow!
DSC03915I hope you also enjoyed a day out, surrounded by spring flowers. Happy Easter from Kew Gardens!

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