Last weekend was Vienna-Marathon-Weekend!!!
Vienna1Maybe you remember my post about the running T-shirt design from a few weeks ago. I promised I would show you the final design. It went through some iterations, got a bit simpler and changed colors, but I think in the end looked pretty awesome.

Vienna3We choose red, as red is the color of the winners and we obviously all aimed for winning this marathon :-) We were a team of nine and we all mad it to the finish line!!! Her a picture from after the finish of six of us. I think we all look pretty happy :-)

Vienna2But to be honest, it were four long hours!!! And without some crafty stuff to think about, I would not have made it. I got some new ideas on the way, which will be introduced in the next weeks. Thus, stay tuned :-)


Baby Teddy Rattle + Crochet Pattern

As I told you last weekend I was going to make a baby rattle with some cotton.

My crochet craft piece is now finished and it makes “bling bling”: it’s a baby rattle!



Easy half-way to learn how to make shapes for later build a puppet. And with just the single crochet stitch!

As you can see I couldn’t really end it well enough since I didn’t manage to make the right amount of stitches at the end of the tube and the edge looks a bit imperfect for a reason that I still don’t get.

I was thinking to cover it with a small ribbon and a crochet bow but I didn’t finally do it. It is a toy for babies and I don’t want to add more material than could be in some ways swallowed.

And here it is the pattern that I used for the baby rattle. It is easy to follow with the pictures and the good explanation in English.

Chubby Teddy Rattle by Aisha Kenza

Hope you can make it better and a way more asymmetrical! J

But he is funny…

Happy day


MAAG Halle of Zurich and Other Creative Activities

Yesterday Saturday 11 April there was the first Montagsmarkt event in Zurich at the MAAG Halle of Zurich, called “the Garage Sales”.

We went there to check out and found a cute vintage-like tankini to wear during the summer (to cover a bit my belly which is growing so fast!). I mostly saw vintage cloths but also some handmade items. It was distributed in two huge warehouse-rooms and it had also a couple of bars where we drunk a beer with our creative friend Bettina.




During the last weeks I became fan with the baby rattles that I found out in Pinterest. They are so cute and for whom doesn’t feel ready to make a puppet (LIKE ME) it is an easy way to start to make animal shapes. I wanted to give it a try.

Here is my job in progress…

Processed with Moldiv




I think it finally happened, spring is here…
easter_1So I decided to pack my crafty stuff and travel to Kew Gardens! I found the perfect traveling box for my origami stuff the other day in a thrift shop: an old check box!
easterTo stay with the garden theme, I skip two projects on my market list and tackle the “Summer-Flower-Seed-Envelops”. The idea comes from here, a Dutch blog I really like. The pictures on this blog are always colorful, original and adorable. Currently, I try my best to read the Dutch posts every day to pick up a bit the language in preparation of my stay in Utrecht soon… But more of that an other time.
easter_3I really enjoy matching different papers and colors. I prepared a selection of summer envelopes, each containing three smaller envelopes with flower seeds. I thought these envelops could make pretty gift tags or guest gift for a wedding or a summer party… This is just the first selection, more will follow!
DSC03915I hope you also enjoyed a day out, surrounded by spring flowers. Happy Easter from Kew Gardens!