Easter Bunny Crochet Frame – Free Pattern by Ale –

I’ve been practicing my crochet frames and some new ideas came out! It is probably my first own crochet pattern but this will lead to many other of them.

It is about little creatures from the nature, and one after another I have already plenty of ideas for new patterns and shapes of ears. J

A bunny crochet frame could be a nice idea for an Easter gift!

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I’ll show you step by step how I did the frame, the basic crochet and then the ears.

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Step one.

Just cut some circles out of cartoon, using some cups or glasses to get easily the shape that you want.

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Step two.

Row 1: Cast on the Stitches. Make a knot on the external part of the cartoon circle, than take the yarn around the cartoon and make the first chain stitch on the top. Continue in the same way, alternating the side of the cartoon circle. Continue till you fill all the cartoon with the yarn, then sl st on the top of the new row.


Row 2: sc till the end of the circle.


{2 X }Just start to *make 4 sc on the top of the second row, then come back with 4 sc.* until you make the length you want. At the end make a sl st with the last stitch of the top row, then wave it inside.


I made also a bear. In that case the ears were made with a chain of 17 stitches and then double crochet stitches around it. I then used a sc to close the gap in between and through the top of the circle. {2 X }


It is the first time I write my own pattern. I hope that I was enough clear. In any case, please ask me, I’ll be happy to answer!

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