Sick but Creative

Is it true that creativity can be drawn by illness?

By the way, in my case, there is only an explanation. Since I have been sick with a flue for the last three days, I couldn’t do my normal work and I decided to be lazy though. That means that I’ve started to think about creative projects, thus after a little while the crochet hook and cotton were in my hands.

And I made up my first little creatures for the Local Labels Market coming in June…

photo 1

My little creatures are a tiny three colors pot holder, that I made by myself through watching some photos in the web.

photo 3

And a little crochet photo frame.

photo 2

I like the Tiffany blue color (as you can clearly see from the header) and I think that my “Summer collection” will have a lot of that cotton on it.

Now I am just starting a new pot holder, this time with a shape of a flower in a heart.

photo 5

Hopefully, tomorrow, when I’ll feel better and the flue will be almost gone, I really need to start to work again.

But what a nice recovery to have some full time of creativity! I really needed it.

Have a nice weekend!



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