New Spring, New Header!

Hi, that was my longest break from the Blog, ever!

I’ve been busy and sometimes too tired. Baby number two is on the way and my creativity in the evening and weekend was over for a while. My phD workload and the classes I am giving are increasing, so there has been very little time for the Blog.

But today and yesterday have been two really sunny days in Zurich and even tough I was very tired for  the lack of sleep, I felt energy coming back! There is an expression in Italian that today was echoing in my mind: “La primavera è alle porte”. And when the Spring is coming you already feel the Summer there and there is this huge fantasy you make about this very long period starting right now!

That’s why today I made some time for creativity, I really needed. I made up a new header, just to refresh a little bit our blog and give some more light for the months coming. I guess Antje and I will be very busy and traveling but we are working on ideas and projects for selling our own little things on 27th June, in Frau Gerolds Garten!

It is imperfect, with the “C” going of its own direction… but I let it like that. I think that “imperfection” is our distinctive feature, as it has to be.

Do you like it?

Have a nice icecream at the sun, maybe surronded by the landscape of the lake of Zurich.



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