Market at Frau Gerold

Yeess, it is official: We will have a market stand at Frau Gerolds Garden Market in June!!! I am super excited and a bit nervous. June is not far and I guess, we have to do some crafting that there will be some nice things to sell.

Here is my plan: I will work on eight projects. It was hard to define them, as they need to be realizable also during travel (I will travel a lot the upcoming weeks, puuuhh :-) ). Thus, also they have to be light and portable. I decided for eight paper projects that I will introduce to you in the next weeks. Here a preview list:

1. Origami Jewelry

2. Origami Jumping-Frog-Game

3. Street-Art-Tool-Box (these once you might know from an older post…)

4. Origami Diamond-Hangers

5. Origami Bird-Hangers

6. Summer-Flower-Seed-Envelops

7. Origami Pop-up-Cards

8. Origami Children-Cards

And I was already hard-working at the weekend, figuring out the first Origami Jewelry prototypes..
Project1-2I got the idea from here and the supply are from my favorite Streatham Jewelery Shop (always worth a visit!!!). Here some instructions if you fancy making some yourself… 0145…or of course come by at the 27th of June at Frau Gerolds Garden in Zurich and buy some for your friends, daughter, mom, boyfriend :-),… Hope to see you there!!!


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