Supply Cabinet with Stiched Lables

Maybe you remember my post from November about my cardboard storage. Unfortunately, I have to tell you, those cardboard shelves did not last for long. Not sure if it was because the cardboard boxes I used were low quality or because in the UK everything and everywhere it is always damp. Anyway, I had to come up with a new solution!!!

shelf_1As said before, it has to be something light, cheap and easy because I am constantly moving from one place to an other and don’t want to accumulate stuff. Thus, I went for the cheapest ikea shelf I could find called Lennard :-) Lennard is neither beautiful nor crafty, thus some embellishment needed to be done.

shelf_2The metall mesh is ideal for embroidery! I labeled the three drawers “to do”, “wool” and “fabric” et voila, ready is my new crafty supply cabinet.

shelf_3Apropos “to do`s”: Ale wrote me she is back from Japan and full of enthusiasm for our market stand at Frau Gerolds Garden in May. So on my to do list for this week is “think about things for the market!”. Ale suggested some origami and some pottery little somethings. I hope by next week, I can give you a more detailed list of things I will do and maybe convince you to drop by in May. For now enjoy your Sunday and have a wonderful first March week!


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