Easter Bunny Crochet Frame – Free Pattern by Ale –

I’ve been practicing my crochet frames and some new ideas came out! It is probably my first own crochet pattern but this will lead to many other of them.

It is about little creatures from the nature, and one after another I have already plenty of ideas for new patterns and shapes of ears. J

A bunny crochet frame could be a nice idea for an Easter gift!

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I’ll show you step by step how I did the frame, the basic crochet and then the ears.

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Step one.

Just cut some circles out of cartoon, using some cups or glasses to get easily the shape that you want.

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Step two.

Row 1: Cast on the Stitches. Make a knot on the external part of the cartoon circle, than take the yarn around the cartoon and make the first chain stitch on the top. Continue in the same way, alternating the side of the cartoon circle. Continue till you fill all the cartoon with the yarn, then sl st on the top of the new row.


Row 2: sc till the end of the circle.


{2 X }Just start to *make 4 sc on the top of the second row, then come back with 4 sc.* until you make the length you want. At the end make a sl st with the last stitch of the top row, then wave it inside.


I made also a bear. In that case the ears were made with a chain of 17 stitches and then double crochet stitches around it. I then used a sc to close the gap in between and through the top of the circle. {2 X }


It is the first time I write my own pattern. I hope that I was enough clear. In any case, please ask me, I’ll be happy to answer!

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Photo Book

Sorry, I have been absent for a little while… The last weeks have been busy. None the less, I was intent upon crafting… I am writing this post from my parents place in Germany, where we have been celebrating the sixties birthday of my father. My crafty efforts last week concentrated on putting together a photo book as a kind of special birthday card.

Papa0This “papa wishbook birthday card” does not only contain photos, but also birthday wishes illustrated by some little paper po-ups and origami.

Papa1Papa2If you are keen on trying any of this paper artwork yourself you can find detailed instruction here: origami letters, pop-up ship, pop-up fish, origami ammonit.

Weekends at home always pass by so quickly… Next week I will be back with some more things for the market in June!

New Header by Rossana

It has been a fast weekend with the company of my friend Rossana from Lausanne and her lovely boyfriend. Do you remember her Oriental inspired fabric creations from one of my posts of last year?

Since then she has taking courses of watercolors while working as a librarian in the Vaud Canton. She may also come for the summer market of Zurich with some of her little nice watercolor paintings or boiled wool fabric creations. I really hope she can make it! She has talent but as all of us NO TIME! J

This weekend has been productive and she made up the new watercolor header of our blog’s name for us!

Here you can see Rossana at work.

Processed with MoldivAnd here the picture of it with the (very low budget) tools that she has been using… thank to me. But she really made a great job out of this cheap material! Isn’t it?

cropped-craftoshere-explorers.jpgI learn a lot this afternoon though her work and sketches.

photo 4I think we made it this time. And I guess we can really make it as our “logo” for the business cards of the local market of 27 of June in Zürich. And may be work on it as our little concept for the labels or/and packaging. I am looking forward to know what Antje thinks. And you?

photo 3Have a nice Sunday evening and a super starting of the week,

Spring is here!


Heart Crochet Potholder (with Daisy in the Center) for a Mother Day’s Gift

An idea for the upcoming Mother Day? A little present for a lovely friend? A gift for our selves with a challenging crochet pattern?

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Let’s say it. It is not easy at the first try. There are several stitches to learn and at least for me it was kind of challenge with my basic experiences of crochet. But once you get it, you can make one per evening. And it is fun!

2015-03-20 11.52.20

2015-03-20 11.51.54

I won’t copy and paste the pattern, just have a look in this blog “Daisy Cottage Design” to find the free pattern in English.

This heart potholder is nice as it is, but you can get also some ideas for making different things out of it.

2015-03-20 11.50.00I like these vintage-like little things, with a little modern touch. I am basically exploring the infinite ways of making the classic grandma’s potholder but trying to give them a little twist! Let’s see next week what I am gonna make.

Have a painted-heart-symbol-of-love-michal-boubin-257x300ly weekend!


Origami Jumping-Frog-Game

I don`t know how things are at your side of the canal, but here in London I am desperately waiting for spring!!! So far, nature out here is still pretty gray. But my second project for the market at Frau Gerolds Garden brings some color :-)

frog_1When thinking about projects, I wanted to make some pretty things for adults, but also some fun things for children. These little origami frogs in their box make an easy to take along game. They are folded to be able to jump up to two meter :-)

frog1You don’t believe me? Well, then fold some yourself (detailed instructions here) or come by our stand at the 27th of June and participate in a jumping competition :-)

frog_2Happy spring to everybody and get well soon Ale!!!

Sick but Creative

Is it true that creativity can be drawn by illness?

By the way, in my case, there is only an explanation. Since I have been sick with a flue for the last three days, I couldn’t do my normal work and I decided to be lazy though. That means that I’ve started to think about creative projects, thus after a little while the crochet hook and cotton were in my hands.

And I made up my first little creatures for the Local Labels Market coming in June…

photo 1

My little creatures are a tiny three colors pot holder, that I made by myself through watching some photos in the web.

photo 3

And a little crochet photo frame.

photo 2

I like the Tiffany blue color (as you can clearly see from the header) and I think that my “Summer collection” will have a lot of that cotton on it.

Now I am just starting a new pot holder, this time with a shape of a flower in a heart.

photo 5

Hopefully, tomorrow, when I’ll feel better and the flue will be almost gone, I really need to start to work again.

But what a nice recovery to have some full time of creativity! I really needed it.

Have a nice weekend!


New Spring, New Header!

Hi, that was my longest break from the Blog, ever!

I’ve been busy and sometimes too tired. Baby number two is on the way and my creativity in the evening and weekend was over for a while. My phD workload and the classes I am giving are increasing, so there has been very little time for the Blog.

But today and yesterday have been two really sunny days in Zurich and even tough I was very tired for  the lack of sleep, I felt energy coming back! There is an expression in Italian that today was echoing in my mind: “La primavera è alle porte”. And when the Spring is coming you already feel the Summer there and there is this huge fantasy you make about this very long period starting right now!

That’s why today I made some time for creativity, I really needed. I made up a new header, just to refresh a little bit our blog and give some more light for the months coming. I guess Antje and I will be very busy and traveling but we are working on ideas and projects for selling our own little things on 27th June, in Frau Gerolds Garten!

It is imperfect, with the “C” going of its own direction… but I let it like that. I think that “imperfection” is our distinctive feature, as it has to be.

Do you like it?

Have a nice icecream at the sun, maybe surronded by the landscape of the lake of Zurich.