Cherry Blossom Origami

To be honest, I am really jealous on Ales Japan trip!!! Instead of waiting for spring here in London, I wish I could explore Japan with her, looking out for the first cherry blossom…But as I am buried in work and can’t escape, I have to bring Japanese-cherry-blossome-spring to my home.
cherry2The longer I write this blog, the more I recognize that paper is my most favorite material for crafting. I feel much more confident in folding, cutting and painting than in knitting, crocheting and embroidery. Maybe I am also just inpatient :-) As I am so much on the way, I prefer crafty stuff that I can take with me and paper is very easy. Here my instructions for cherry-bloom-origami… Folding and cutting dozens of them is really meditative and gives you the perfect peace to dream of spring (in Japan :-))

cherry_gif1To give these little blossoms a nice stage I decorated one of my walls with a sticker branch. You can order those online. Here some pretty examples I found in the net.

cherry_examplesAnd here my version…

cherry4 I hope spring learns a lesson from my little display and comes soon!!!

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