I Love Running!

This is the hundredth post in this blog!! Wow, to be honest a year ago, I would not have been sure we reach this point… But Ale and me were amazingly disciplined and really posted something every week for a whole year now. Looking back at our posts makes me really happy. Not only have we made a lot of beautiful and useful things, but also we have nourished a really special friendship!!!For some days I wondered what I should post in this anniversary post. Pressure was high and somehow no really good idea came into my mind… Thus, I will use this post to tell you about another hobby of mine: running!

T-shirt0I love running! I need running! Yes, I would go as far as saying, I can not think of living without running! You might think, fine, but what does this have to do with this crafty blog? Well actually a lot!!!

Most of my crafty ideas arise in the early morning hours, when I run through parks, along rivers or climb up mountains. I love this crystal clear morning atmosphere and have the feeling, during sunrise my brain works in a special creative mode. Well, maybe it is also the lake of oxygen that makes me silly and let me think like a child again :-)

All right but I don’t want to bore you with my running addiction and also seed something creative in this post. In two month, me and some friends will run our next marathon. Thus, this weekend I tried to design our team T-shirt.

T-shirt1T-shirt2We are a team of nine people from all over Europe. This was the leading theme behind the design. Furthermore, I wanted it happy and colorful. What do you think? I hope my team-mates will like it or will come up with better ideas. I will keep you posted on the final design.

T-shirt4All right that’s it for the hundredth post. Two more month to go till the marathon. That means a lot more training kilometers and a lot more crafty ideas :-)


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