Just some Little Upcycling Ideas

My B-day is gone and the party was really special! It is always a big effort to organize, to prepare the house and food and to clean the mess afterwards. But it is so recharging! And I’ll remember for the rest of the year, and more…

I’ve already “read” the book of Antje of Sachiko Umoto, Illustration School: Let’s Draw Plants and Small Creatures it is a full inspiring little drawings that they make me take the pencil and draw until I drop!

My last days have been really magic, and I kind of feel all the happiness of the world for the life I am going through lately (I’ve told you, Birthday parties are recharging!!) and the upcoming travel, of course! But I know I have to watch out because a little obstacle is always behind the corner… hihihi…

This post has nothing to do with what I am saying, but I wanted to make a point to my current emotions for some unaware reasons.

Here we are. Little up-cycling ideas that everybody can imitate in just a second! There is nothing to build but just little objects from the kitchen or the garderobe to re-use in a “new” way!

Processed with MoldivThose ideas are also inspirited by interior designers pictures and creative bloggers, I am sure you saw already at least a couple of them.

photo 1The grater is a piece full of utility with all those holes. I am sure there are other objects we can hang on it…

photo 2I like also to expose some nice magazines and to watch at them once in a while. The hangers are so easy to up-cycle!

photo 3This vintage colander is very cool. It is a pity to hide it on a cupboard or a drawer. This time I used it for fruits, but I’ve seen plants on it. You can in fact easily hang it in a terrace or on a three.

photo 4The last one is maybe the less beautiful to see, but it is so practical! I’ve been thinking hard for ages to find a solution for installing the Scottex… and here it is!

I think up-cycling is very creative for the mind. Just go through your old stuff and see what you can do with that. Some suggestions??

Have a cycling-up-cycling week!

p.s. Thanks to my friend Janine who gave me for the birthday the book of Handmade Vintage: 35 Upcycling-Ideen für zu Hause, which inspired me a lot.


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