Japanese Birthday Card – Hurrah Ale –

In general, I do not consider myself a great painter. However, I really enjoy illustrating letters and greeting cards. My little crafty project of the week was drawing a birthday card for Ale. As she is the real artist of the two of us, you can imagine that I was a bit nervous and in need of help.

draw1I found inspiration in one of Sachiko Umotos books. They are sooo sweet!!! Her instructions are really easy to follow and I was pleased with my Japanese-Style-Birthday-Card, I hope Ale will like it as well and it will make her even more excited for her upcoming Japan travel.

draw2So far, I only have one book of Sachiko, but an Internet search revealed that there are at least four. I definitely have to get the others as well…

draw3I just wish there would be a English version of her web page. Tomorrow, I am flying back home. I already miss Zurich!! But as my next crafty idea has to do with London, I am also looking forward to return to UK ground :-)


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