Supply Treasure Chest and Jewelry Ideas

This week I would like to introduce a little jewelry shop I recently discovered. It is located in Streatham, in south London to where I recently moved. On my way home I dropped in and found these lovely things…
Jewery_1Actually, that is just a small collection of the things I found and if time and my purse would have allowed, I would have certainly bought more. The shop is very well sorted and has everything for making you own jewelery and much more…
shopIf Streatham is too far for you, they also have a extensive onlineshop.
My finds inspired me to two little projects this weekend. I tried jewelry using my pottery hangers as base and combining them with some moss and the metal pendants I bought. I really like the look, but I am not sure how to preserve the moss?
Jewery_2Furthermore, I tried to clone some of the crocheted beads. It is a bit precision work, but once you figured how it works you can make them pretty fast. Find detailed instructions here.

Certainly, the moss and all the colorful beads set me into spring mood :-)


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