Japanese Birthday Card – Hurrah Ale –

In general, I do not consider myself a great painter. However, I really enjoy illustrating letters and greeting cards. My little crafty project of the week was drawing a birthday card for Ale. As she is the real artist of the two of us, you can imagine that I was a bit nervous and in need of help.

draw1I found inspiration in one of Sachiko Umotos books. They are sooo sweet!!! Her instructions are really easy to follow and I was pleased with my Japanese-Style-Birthday-Card, I hope Ale will like it as well and it will make her even more excited for her upcoming Japan travel.

draw2So far, I only have one book of Sachiko, but an Internet search revealed that there are at least four. I definitely have to get the others as well…

draw3I just wish there would be a English version of her web page. Tomorrow, I am flying back home. I already miss Zurich!! But as my next crafty idea has to do with London, I am also looking forward to return to UK ground :-)


Knitting on Planes

I am traveling again and my loyal companion are my wooden knitting needles (they are great,because you can take them along in the plane!!!). Thus, I follow up on my previous post “knitting on trains” by “knitting on planes” :-)
knittingonplains1The hair ribbons I started in fall are done. I managed to do four in the end, two adult size ones and two for babies. So many of my friends are currently pregnant, thus I think I have to make a few more baby ones.

knittingonplains2But first I want to tread myself with a pair of matching cuff. I should be able to finish them within one week of traveling. Knitting and looking down on the beautiful white mountains of Switzerland from the plane window while approaching Zurich where a lot of friend are waiting for me, I consider myself very, very fortunate!!!

DIYs: What to do with a Bunch of Straws

Some time ago I made the ornament for the Christmas three with some IKEA colorful straws. Since the straws are something really easy to handle and cut and they makes every kids room a bit quirky, I had a look on the blogosphere and found some ideas that can be made by your self.

But first I wanna show you my own straws frame that I simply made with a white IKEA frame and a bunch of colorful straws.

happy cookies4 Tools and material: Scissors and glue, straws and a frame.

happy cookies5

And here I show you some amazing DIYs that I’ve found in pinterest. Actually I’m kind of in love with the plant hanger!

DIY: Himmeli Ornaments


DIY: How to Use Neon Straws and String to Make Easy DIY Hanging Planters


DIY: Letter made by Straws


DIY: Another Straws “Squared” Frame


Happy Crafty Weekend!


DIY: Color Block Crochet Pom-pom Scarf

Last days were laaaazy. I wish I had the energy of Antje! J

I don’t crochet a lot nowadays but I had a couple of things finally done and finally wore by whom I wanted to give them.

I made a couple of scarves with pompoms and I really like the effect they make with children. They are fun and really easy to do. I just used a double stitch.

SIMPLE TUTORIAL: I started with a 3 chain stitches, then slip stitch, two double crochet in the next two stitches, and then coming back I always added a double crochet in every row, till I reached the width of the scarf that I wanted. At this point I had just to make rows with the same amount of double crochet stitches. I ended in the same way I began, obviously in the other way round.

2014-11-26 14.36.30

2014-11-26 14.37.00

2014-11-26 14.40.45

One is a scarf for my niece, which I sent it through my mum and now I had finally a picture of her with it!

bianca con la sciarpa

I made also another one with different pompom colors.

I love pompoms.

Somebody has any suggestion for further ideas with them?

I’ll be so happy to get your tips!

Happy second half of the week


Supply Treasure Chest and Jewelry Ideas

This week I would like to introduce a little jewelry shop I recently discovered. It is located in Streatham, in south London to where I recently moved. On my way home I dropped in and found these lovely things…
Jewery_1Actually, that is just a small collection of the things I found and if time and my purse would have allowed, I would have certainly bought more. The shop is very well sorted and has everything for making you own jewelery and much more…
shopIf Streatham is too far for you, they also have a extensive onlineshop.
My finds inspired me to two little projects this weekend. I tried jewelry using my pottery hangers as base and combining them with some moss and the metal pendants I bought. I really like the look, but I am not sure how to preserve the moss?
Jewery_2Furthermore, I tried to clone some of the crocheted beads. It is a bit precision work, but once you figured how it works you can make them pretty fast. Find detailed instructions here.

Certainly, the moss and all the colorful beads set me into spring mood :-)

Gift Wrapping

Here comes a confession: It is only this weekend that I am sending of my Christmas presents!
present1I know, I am very, very, late. But over Christmas I collapsed at the sofa of my parents and was very sick. Thus, instead of finishing my presents in a delirium, I decided that the delivery will be delayed this year. This weekend, I managed to finish and wrap gifts for friends

present2and for children of friends.

present3For one of the gift cards I tried again to combine different materials. Stitching on paper is something I will definitely follow up during this year.

present4As you can see, I will be in Züri again soon too meet my crafty soulmate Ale. We have officially scheduled a “blog-meeting” and as a result of that, you can expect surprises :-)

A happy belated Christmas, keep giving!

Frozen Cookies

A happy 2015 also from me… brrrr it got cold!!!
I traveled again during the last days and saw a lot of snow and frost… Actually, winter can be really beautiful and so this post is about some winter-art. I got the instructions from the recent issue of the “Landlust”. I really like this magazine, as it always has some nice ideas that let you appreciate the seasons (thanks mom & dad for the annual subscription I got form you!!!).
ice2For baking ice these cookies you only need a pan, some cookie cutter, some cord and a cold night. The frozen cookies can be used to decorate your balcony, your porch or garden. Or you just hang one in front of your window and watch it melting in the sunlight and dream about spring :-)