Happy And Colorful Christmas!

Merry Christmas also from me!!!

christmas1As always, I have been busy with traveling till the last minute. My train ride from London to Edinburgh was perfect to prepare some instructions for the origami from my last post. Here you go…
christmas21. start from a square, fold it corner to corner to become a triangle and two corners to two corners to look like a rectangle
2. unfold it and create a diamond square that opens on one side
3. on the closed side fold the corners inwards on both sides that it becomes a dragon shape
4. cut the little triangles on the open side off
5. reorder the paper that the triangle has an open and a closed side again
6. on the open end fold all corners inwards that it becomes a diamond shape again (it should be eight corners you have to fold inwards.
7. unfold the whole structure and start forming the paper to become one part of your origami diamond later
8. create two of those and join them together with glue.
If anything is unclear, a more detailed instruction can be found here.
I really like those, as they can be used hanging or lying.
christmas3By choosing special colors, you can make  them look christmassy. Otherwise, I think they just look happy and colorful.

Thus, carry on celebrating happy and colorful Christmas!


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