Happy X’mas! with Embroidered Iphone Case

The days before Christmas are always so full excitement and happiness for the family and friends gatherings! And the creativity concerning making presents or decorating the house spread out in everyday life more than every other period of the year. It is in these moments that I have some kind of obsessing idea to make everything around me looks more Christmas-like.

This week I made a present to myself, a white Iphone5 case already perforated for embroidery. You can find them in a hobby shop (i.e. Migros in Switzerland) or in internet.

I made a very classic winter embroidery which can fit well with this period of the year.



I used the basic stitches for embroidery, like cross stitch, satin and french knot. I took inspiration from those pattern from the japanese craft book “500 Simply Charming Designs for Embroidery” (Design Original).



Hope you can get some design ideas from that as well.


And Happy Christmas!



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