DIY Easy Tablecloth Crochet Edge

Time of Christmas gifts and small presents…And I guess you can have some lack of ideas…

But if you dare to make something nice out of a simple square tablecloth, I give you some tips for an easy crochet edge!Processed with Moldiv


You just need a tablecloth and a small ball of cotton (50gr is already too much), a 3.5 crochet hook, a weaving needle and you can start! Easy easy easy DIY, even for beginners! Look at the pictures above to see how I’ve started.
Processed with Moldiv

It is made in 3 easy steps: 1) first round with the stitch above (that stitch can also be nice left alone with a “pile” blanket); 2) second round make a chain of single crochet (more or less twice every small part); 3) third round with: *slip two stitches, make 5 double crochet in the same stitch and than slip another two stitches and make a single stitch. Repeat * until the end.Processed with MoldivAnd voilà!!

crochet edge 4 For the corner make 4/5 double crochet more!
crochet edge 5Happy weekend!







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