My Colorful Crochet Experiments

Sunday we were in Davos a really nice sky city on the Swiss alps. It is two hours from Zurich and then I had these four hours spare time to use for some crochet work. I didn’t really know what to do, but I wanted to use all the stitches that I know (except crocodile stitch, which is very crazy at the moment for me to remember!) and to mix some colors…

…I made a beanies for me!

photo 1I made it large because I don’t like when the beanie is too tight. I made it in a color that I could were with everything, but I wanted to add some colors in the pompom.

I added two pastel colors, pink and green.

photo 3

I know, I am becoming a little bit obsessed with beanies J

But I also make some other things. Some of them really didn’t turn out nice, but I am proud of this kitchen mat, that could be also be bigger and be a carpet for a bathroom for example.

I found the special ropes in the Brockenstube of Dübendorf (nearby Zurich), which I want to advertise a bit because it is a really big indoor flea market. I didn’t find anything big like that before in Switzerland. In Bergen (Norway) tough there are plenty of places like this one.

photo 2

This piece is not very useful I know, but I am so happy to get my coffee in the morning and have a look on it! It is colorful and the texture is so funny!

Without hesitation, I really think that colors make everyday life more beautiful. Like when you but mandarines in a rainy day.

And you, do you have enough color in your life?

Have a nice Tuesday!




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