Cardboard Storage

Recently, I moved and this weekend I finally unpacked and ordered all my crafty supplies. Over the last years I am moving on a annual frequency and every time I wish I would just have less stuff!!! As I don`t want to accumulate more shelves and racks, I try to be inventive with the ways of storage. As every move also brings more cardboard boxes, I recently used them to build some boxes and shelves.




I like my things to be ordered, but also visible that I can just ponder in front of them, thinking about my next project. In blogosphere you find a lot of nice ideas for what to do with cardboard. Here is where I found the inspiration for the little shelf and three more ideas I like: a geometrical and a spherical lamp and a little book shelf.


The weekend is almost over and I am looking forward to the inspirations and ideas the next week will bring. For now I wish you inspiering dreams. In my new room, I love to fall asleep to the light blue glowing of my globe and recently often a very dramatic morning sky wakes me up.



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