Relax and Crochet in the Alps with One Sheepish Girl

We were looking for a warm place to go to spend some days of relax but the flights were already a little too expensive from Zürich. Then we decided to go closer. We ended up in a town on a valley (Valtellina) in the Italian Alps, Bormio-Valdisotto, where either of us has been before.
Immerse in the autumn colors, in a cosy apartment with warm hosts and a delicious Valtellina breakfast; a bike, some boots for walking, some balls of thread, a couple of hooks and a bunch of Ideas for crochet. What more do you need?

And just before taking the car and leave, I checked my mailbox and I couldn’t be more delighted to see that I’ve already got the book of Meredith Crawford of Onescheepishgirl.comCrochet with One Sheepish Girl“!

(mine is from

Here is the link of the amazing and welcoming B&B in Valdisotto, Casa Sofia, where very kind hosts and great homemade fresh cakes have been spoiling us.


imageIt is a book full of projects for wearing, living and giving (as she says).

Here I share with you some of my favorite pages.





imageI am now looking for a wool that can fit with this scarf above.

I like the book, and I like Meredith, her blog style and her tastes for the colors. And I am especially very grateful that she is the one that made me discover crochet as a modern art-craft!

I used her embroidery chain stitch on crochet technics to write the letter on the top of this kid’s beanie.


“Enjoy and be confident with your creativity!” (Meredith Crawford)

Happy Monday!



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