Christmas Tree with Straws and Pompom

I am entering like Antje in a Christmas mood!

The fog is floating in the countryside, the temperature dropped down but it is nice to see these small Christmas lights everywhere. I’ve almost (fortunatelly) forgot to watch my phone going through Zurich with the tram… The lights are so beautiful in the city! They deserve to be admired!
And I’ve got a Christmass tree, one of these fake ones that you can keep it in the basement and take it off every year. I know that it doesn’t look so nice as the true ones, but I feel kind of pity for them when I see them left in the garbage after the festivities…

It is my first real Christmas tree. I’ve been moving so much in the last 12 years – and especially I’ve never been at home in Christmas! – that I’ve never really wanted a Christmas tree. But this year something told me that it was nice to create some more Christmas atmosphere than I normally do – may be because of a toddler? Ya! J

Then I have got some ideas to make it “in my way”! I.e. Colorful and funny.

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I did it with a staws-garland and some colorful pompom.


1) First I made some pompom. I did around 12 pompom of two colors. I suggest to use a really cheap syntetic wool, because you will need a lot of it and the final effect is anyway cool!

xmas3I used a pompom maker in plastic but you can just do with some paper circles. Let’s look here in the blog of small good things for an even more special pompom. That part was a bit longer, but who cares, I will use those pompom in the future!

2) Then I made a garland with some colorful staws. I just used a rope, some scissors and a hook (a tapestry needle is also fine).

Processed with Moldiv…if you happen to have a small child moving around, this very easy task can became really complicate indeed! the rope can be stock with knots around him/her and you may need some patience to undone it. Ehheheh…

xmas enea

So here it is. I made my Christmas tree!! And happy to have it in my way.

A bunch of pompom for a happy winter!


Folded Paper Stars

Slowly, I am getting into christmas-mood and I started to decorate our Oxford home. At one of the weekend walks, I found a nicely winding branch for which I folded a lot of white little stars over the last days.
stars_1I tried three pattern…
stars_2Folding paper stars is the perfect activity on long train journeys, of which I do a lot recently. The following tutorial is from an early morning train ride between Oxford and London, when I got stuck. Fist, I was annoyed but then this disruption gave me the chance to watch a beautiful sunrise over the frozen winter landscape…
stars_3Here you find more professional tutorials for the small, the medium and the large star.

Happy folding!

My Colorful Crochet Experiments

Sunday we were in Davos a really nice sky city on the Swiss alps. It is two hours from Zurich and then I had these four hours spare time to use for some crochet work. I didn’t really know what to do, but I wanted to use all the stitches that I know (except crocodile stitch, which is very crazy at the moment for me to remember!) and to mix some colors…

…I made a beanies for me!

photo 1I made it large because I don’t like when the beanie is too tight. I made it in a color that I could were with everything, but I wanted to add some colors in the pompom.

I added two pastel colors, pink and green.

photo 3

I know, I am becoming a little bit obsessed with beanies J

But I also make some other things. Some of them really didn’t turn out nice, but I am proud of this kitchen mat, that could be also be bigger and be a carpet for a bathroom for example.

I found the special ropes in the Brockenstube of Dübendorf (nearby Zurich), which I want to advertise a bit because it is a really big indoor flea market. I didn’t find anything big like that before in Switzerland. In Bergen (Norway) tough there are plenty of places like this one.

photo 2

This piece is not very useful I know, but I am so happy to get my coffee in the morning and have a look on it! It is colorful and the texture is so funny!

Without hesitation, I really think that colors make everyday life more beautiful. Like when you but mandarines in a rainy day.

And you, do you have enough color in your life?

Have a nice Tuesday!



Funny Beanies for Kids from my mum and me

Making a new hut is one of the most funny things to do when you are starting to knit or crochet. And when we speak about kids huts, the imagination raises even faster!

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Less than two years ago I “ordered” some beanies for my little one from my mum, who she saw the pictures I’ve found in internet and then she made them very quick with a precision of a Swiss watchmaker.

I wish I was so skilled like my mum in crochet and knitting. She can quickly get the pattern from a look to the picture and make it in the right size of the head of the baby!

For me it is still unbelievable…Still a long road to that kind of achievement I guess.

Here it is the results: 3 funny beanies for kids to wear with proud and quirkiness!

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And some days ago I also finished one beanie, very simple (remember the post I made about it? DIY crochet beanies with colorful pompom), for a friend of Enea, Gabriel, who is turning today 2 years old! I put some whiskers and a pair of tiny eyes around a red nose-pompom. Something I guess I took from Antje’s amazing Halloween pumpkins. J

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It is a simple hut for beginners. I used a double crochet stitch for the white part.

Alles gute zum Geburtstag Gabriel!! (who is going to open the present in a couple of hours…) :-)

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It is so simple and have a little effect when you watch it from the top. You can just play with wool and applications and make whatever animal face or moster around a pompom nose. Have fun with that and send us some pics if you try it!

For what concern my mum’s beanies, is anybody interested in the patterns? I can be her translator and make some for the DaWanda shop.

Have a crafty weekend…And let’s stay un-tuned for a couple of days!


Cardboard Storage

Recently, I moved and this weekend I finally unpacked and ordered all my crafty supplies. Over the last years I am moving on a annual frequency and every time I wish I would just have less stuff!!! As I don`t want to accumulate more shelves and racks, I try to be inventive with the ways of storage. As every move also brings more cardboard boxes, I recently used them to build some boxes and shelves.




I like my things to be ordered, but also visible that I can just ponder in front of them, thinking about my next project. In blogosphere you find a lot of nice ideas for what to do with cardboard. Here is where I found the inspiration for the little shelf and three more ideas I like: a geometrical and a spherical lamp and a little book shelf.


The weekend is almost over and I am looking forward to the inspirations and ideas the next week will bring. For now I wish you inspiering dreams. In my new room, I love to fall asleep to the light blue glowing of my globe and recently often a very dramatic morning sky wakes me up.


Vicenza Infinity Scarf !!

It was raining cats and dogs there in the Alps, therefore we were headed for Vicenza – my hometown – to spend the last days of the vacation with family and friends.
My first week was very fruitful and I made a bunch of crochet huts for little friends, a headband and a couple of infinity scarfs that I took from the book of Meredith from One Sheepish Girl as told you in my last post.

After doing and undoing and redoing, during the car trip, I’ve got to finish my red and white infinity scarf! And guest what? Without even thinking about it, it turn out to have the colors of the flag of Vicenza soccer team !! :-)

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I copied the pattern of Meredith Crawford but added some stitches cause my wool was thiner.

I used a hook of 5.5 with double thread of a wool for 3.5. The wool has 60% wool, 30% acrylic and 10% Nylon. It is very warm and soft. I made 68 chains for starting the ring.

infinityscarf1 infinityscarf3

infinityscarf2 infinityscarf4

This kind of scarf is easy and funny to make. And you can always add different type of stitches and quantity of colors.

I am supposed to make another one for my sister now.

Have a nice weekend and…
Bandiera forza Vicenza_001XOX


Combining Pottery and Embroidery

Finally back to a real crafty project! A while ago I introduced you to some pottery projects I was working on. Last weekend I completed the pendants combining pottery and embroidery.
con1I was very pleased how the constellation ones turned out. The deep blue glazing really reminds of a starlit night.

con2In the blogosphere I also found some other nice constellation projects like these postcards, this table runner, this scarf, these mini embroideries or this calender (clockwise in the picture) . I think they would all make very nice Christmas gifts.

 I guess it it is this time of the year where one should start thinking about presents.
Thus, lets start pre-Christmas craftiness :-)