London To Oxford

Today, we finally moved from London to Oxford!!! As all my crafty stuff is in boxes right now, I have to be a bit creative with this post… The last thing that was left to pack yesterday night was the baking stuff and as most of it were anyway just leftovers, I thought what`s better as to move them in form of a cake…
I went a bit crazy with the food color and the sprinkles. Luckily there was also a pomegranate around to add something healthy. At one of my other favorite blogs mycreative there was an instruction posted about how to peel a pomegranate last week. Very helpful!!!
Ox2Mr. Pomegranatecake did not survive long in our new home :-) I will start unpacking now and will hopefully be back with more sewing, knitting and stitching next week.


Cheers from Oxford!


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