Celebrate Foolishness

While waiting for my train to work one morning this week, I overheard two of my little uncovered creatures…
And yes, I have to give them a point there, this week was miserable! So I thought the world could use some cheering up…


The world looks so much more cheerful since I walk around with some clown nose in my pocket :-)

If the christmasmarket will not happen, (Ale and me tried to reserve a stand at the Heiliger Bim Bam, but it looks like it is already sold out. :-() I am thinking to put some of my street-art-tool-boxes for sale on Ales DaWanda store. Or does anybody know about other small and crafty Christmas markets around Zuerich?

I hope my little uncovered creatures will jolly me along this weekend as I am moving the first half of my belongings from Putney to Stretham.

Never stop being a bit foolish :-)


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