Current Pottery Projects

This week I introduce my third “Christmas market product”. Currently, I am attending my second pottery class and I thought it would be neat to also have a pottery Christmas market project. I came up with two ideas that combine thread and clay.
First, I try to make some pendants with some holes through which I want to stitch afterwards. I prepared the holes in a way that the thread will form star constellations and snowflakes. Lets see, if the models survive the firing.
Secondly, I am aiming for some knitting-bowls that prevent the ball of wool to escape while you are knitting. I prepared two plain bowls last week that are drying now so that I can cut them next Tuesday.
I think three projects for the Christmas market will keep me busy and I now have to concentrate to finalize them. I hope I can show you my final stocking soon. Meanwhile, enjoy fall with a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake (I backed my first red-vine-cake this weekend :-))



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