Uncovering Street-Art

One thing that strikes me living in London is that there is art and craftiness everywhere, you just have to…

street10I like to stroll around to find things maybe only obvious to my eyes and my imagination and then uncover them for everybody… I find a lot of aging-concrete-monsters and run-away-jellyfishes :-) Some happy, some sad, some telling stories…

street1street2Over time I came up with a list of little things I now always carry around with me to uncover these little creatures. I am thinking also other could like to be street-art detectives like me?
street15I am planning to mass produce my street-art toolbox and make it my second “Christmas-Market product”. What do you think?
For now I wish you a crafty rest of the weekend! Never stop searching street-art creatures, because THEY ARE WATCHING YOU all the time, everywhere!!!

3 thoughts on “Uncovering Street-Art

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